The Fun, Faster Way to Accomplish Goals

Studies have shown that people using SMART goals are 62% more likely to achieve their goals than those that don’t. And when you commit to weekly accountability with a parent or coach, chances of success skyrocket to 95%! For teens, this translates into better grades in school, performing better in sports and arts, finishing that great science project, and ultimately getting into the college of their dreams!

We help students survive and achieve in a fast-paced competitive world, no matter if it's academics, sports, arts, or any other activity. Knowing that today's world is so different than 20 years ago - more fast paced, more competitive, we use the SMART goals methodology to make it easy and effective to help teens reach their goals!

Now your teen can get more done with less stress!

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Set Goals for Teens

Goal Setting for Teens

The SMART Goals methodology will keep you focused on what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Track Progress in SMART Goals

Track Progress

Follow a plan while on-the-go, easily monitoring progress, finding what’s missing and adjusting quickly to get back on track.

Get Rewards for your Goals


You can tie your work to a reward, and upload inspirational image that will help keep you motivated.

Does your teen need help staying competitive in this fast-paced world?

Students are looking for a way to balance all of the demands and challenges from school, sports, and other activities. Some may feel like they’re putting in a big effort with little results… Some have big ambitions and maybe they don’t know how to get started on the right path, and end up wasting time spinning their wheels. Others have precious little time to put into improving their knowledge, skills, or achievements, and they know they have to be incredibly efficient to see any progress.

We’re simplifying what they need to do in order to help teens accomplish these goals and overachieve, and that is why we want to bring the SMART goals methodology to teens and their parents, teachers and coaches through the Teen SMART Goals app.


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Parent Testimonial

I certainly recommend this app. I used it for my own personal health goals and it reminded me of what steps I needed to take daily. I’m looking forward to seeing my teens hit their personal and educational goals too!

Ivette G. Parent

Teen User Testimonial

I wish I had this app when I was preparing for my black belt test. It would have been so much easier to know exactly what I needed to do every day, so I felt prepared and confident that I would pass my test.

Teen user


Take the guesswork out of achieving goals and increasing self confidence by developing a growth mindset!

This step-by-step guide:


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