Empower Your Teens:

A Parent’s Guide to Prepare Teens for Success with SMART Goals

Empower your teens with SMART Goals

Teens are working through goals all the time, whether they’re setting them intentionally or not.

Most times your teen’s goals are being set by other people: parents, teachers, coaches, mentors. But by the time kids make it to 7th or 8th grade, they are ready to start taking ownership over figuring out what they want, and what to do to get there.

One of the great things about the teen years is that their brains are developing, which gives them the chance to learn new things and create new habits. When teens practice setting SMART goals, they are creating a goal they can take action on and actually achieve. This builds confidence that they can tackle any challenge that comes their way! By following the steps in the SMART Goals methodology, they are also learning what that means and with repetition, they’ll get better at it.

Even the kids who are not natural planners will get better at it.

We hope that you’ll find this step-by-step guide useful in learning how to work together with your teen in setting goals and achieving success. Get ready to celebrate!

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Take the guesswork out of achieving goals and increasing self confidence by developing a growth mindset!

This step-by-step guide:


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