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Teen SMART Goals App is now available on the App Store

Our Teen SMART Goals App guides teens through the process of breaking tasks down into manageable and doable activities so they can accomplish everything they set their mind to, whether that’s getting accepted to the college of their choice, making it into varsity team, or getting a role in their favorite theater production.

We designed this app specifically for teens from middle school to high school level.  It’s streamlined to get the right information they need to think about while working towards a goal.  They will not feel like they have to learn project management to be able to even get started.

An Easy, Fun Way to Work on Goals

We want to provide teens with busy lives a fun way to achieve success. We simplified the process so they can follow a plan while on-the-go, easily monitoring progress, finding what’s missing and adjusting quickly to get back on track.  Also, parents will be able to easily access this progress report, to support and guide their teens when needed, and provide rewards when they reach key milestones.

While using this app and following the SMART process, teens will learn to develop their executive functioning skills.  This means they will know how to get organized, track their own progress, find what’s missing and quickly make corrections. By connecting goals to an inspirational image and rewards, you help your teens stay motivated.

Teen Goals Parent Portal

What You’ll Find in Our App

  • Easy to follow step-by-step process to make it fun and easy to plan your activities
  • Daily schedule with a list of the specific actions for each day
  • Upload your own inspirational image to keep you focused
  • Real time progress bar to see a snapshot of your progress by goal
  • Parents can monitor your performance to help provide guidance and increase accountability
  • Set rewards for each goal that you achieve, for some positive motivation

What features are available with Teen SMART Goals? 

Teen Activities for goal
  • Follow our SMART goal assistant:  A simple and easy to use interface that guides you through defining your goal, dividing it up into manageable activities, and focusing your efforts on the end result and your deadlines.
  • Build and Work your own Action Plan:  You get to define your own set of activities for each goal. Every day you will see what activities you have planned. If you miss one, no worries, you will see those too and be able to get caught up.
  • Stay Motivated: Upload an inspiring image for each goal that will remind you of why that goal is important to you, and will keep you motivated to keep working to achieve your dreams!
  • View a Summary Dashboard: View today’s activities, plus your goals with an inspirational image to help stay focused.
  • Goal Details:  Review why you want to work on your goals, use the progress bar to see if you’re on track, and a summary of your action plan.
  • Track your Progress:  Check off your activities and let the app help you monitor progress. We’ll show you if you’re falling behind so you can adjust quickly to get back on track.
  • Get Notifications:  You will receive daily notifications to work on your action plan.  If you’re an Apple Watch user, you will receive your notifications there too!
  • Parent Dashboard: Parents can track progress for each goal created by a teen who is connected to your account, and provide support and encouragement to help keep them going.

Available for FREE on the App Store and Google Play!!

Because of the coronavirus quarantine, we want to support parents and their teen students by removing the subscription cost and providing a FREE version of our app.  No need for a PROMO code. Just download the app.

Teen SMART Goals iOS App
Teen SMART Goals on google play

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