Empower your teens with SMART Goals

Empower Your Teens: A Parent’s Guide to Prepare Teens for Success with SMART Goals

Right now, parents are wearing many hats, including productive business professional, homeschool teacher, chef and professional cat herder. The biggest challenge is organizing it all, and having teens and tweens take ownership over their own work. As a mom of 2, I have dealt with teens who said they wanted to learn a new language, or level up in their sports, but forgot to stick to their plans. So I decided to put my project management experience to work and I taught them a teen-friendly version of how to set SMART goals. And as I saw them learn how to break down goals into manageable activities, they were able to actually enjoy working on new challenges.

Learn our Simple 5-Step Process

This step-by-step guide walks parents and teens through defining goals that are in line with our teens’ dreams and passions. Then it provides detailed explanations and worksheets to follow the process of breaking tasks into manageable and doable activities so they can accomplish new goals like learning to program or write a short story.

We designed this guide especially for teens who are working to prepare themselves for college, play competitive sports, and be a leader in extracurricular activities. It can also benefit teens who need to learn executive functioning skills, especially if they’re struggling with ADHD or similar challenges. And if they don’t know where to get started, our guide is also full of examples of SMART goals for teens and students in the areas of music and arts, sports, coursework and grades, college prep, and more!

From goal setting expert Carmen Proctor, this book will help parents work together with their teens in learning goal setting, time management, planning and prioritizing. When teens learn to build their own plan, and then focus on working the plan, their confidence soars and they actually get to enjoy what they’re working on!

Here are some initial endorsements and reviews of our book:

“We all face numerous challenges daily. Carmen’s practical framework is meant to help ourselves and teach our kids how to help themselves. It is an invaluable tool for parents and kids in today’s fast-changing and complex setting.”

Natalija Jovanovic, MIT PhD, 2x mom, Digital Leader, Problem-Solver

“Must have for all ages! I purchased this book for my teenage daughter. I wish I would have found this book years ago as it would have helped her navigate through her school work and activities outside of school. It is not only great for teens, but for kids of all ages and adults! It is not only easy to follow, but it gives you step by step examples on how to reach your goals.”

Elisa Laxton, parent
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Take the guesswork out of achieving goals and increasing self confidence by developing a growth mindset!

This step-by-step guide:


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