Before we started working on our SMART Goals app for teens, we developed a few templates and worksheets that were helpful for me and my children in goal setting and working an action plan.  I hope some of these are helpful to you!

Free SMART Goals Worksheet

SMART Goal Worksheet

Is your teen ready to start setting goals and just needs a little structure and direction?  When my own teens were ready to plan their summer goals, we created two worksheets to help them create a plan that they could work on their own.

The two most common types of goals that teens work on are for Activities or Milestones.  What are those used for?

Goals with Activities are those that they will use to build on a skill that they want to master, like the workout routine to prepare for tennis team tryouts.

Goals with Milestones are used for projects with tasks that are due at a specific day. That could include a science project or a video that needs to be produced for media class.

We are happy to provide you with a SMART Goal Worksheet template your teen can use to define and clarify their goals.  To download these FREE PDFs, fill out the form below:

We have also found it very helpful for teens when they find and print out a picture that will inspire them to stay motivated. So start with a vision board, and use those pictures to drive the goals and fill out the worksheets.

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