Before we started working on our SMART Goals app for teens, we developed a few templates and worksheets that were helpful for me and my children in goal setting and working an action plan.  I hope some of these are helpful to you!

SMART Goals Template

We love working off of an app on the phones, so that we don’t forget to finish an activity. But if you and your kid are more the “pen and paper” type? We are happy to provide you with a SMART Goal Worksheet template your teen can use to define and clarify their goals.  To download this FREE PDF, click here.

Here is a preview of what the worksheet looks like:

Teen SMART Goals Worksheet
We used this worksheet to help our teens plan out their day to day activities that support reaching their goals!  We have also found it very helpful for teens when they find and print out a picture that will inspire them to stay motivated.


Additional Resources for Goals, Organization, and Planning

Schoolday Routine

You can learn about simple tips and tricks to develop the perfect routine for your family in our Blog post.  Feel free to print out our own School day routine checklist, or make your own at

School Day Routine

Genius Projects

I created some simple planning and tracking sheets that I hope you will find useful while working on a Genius Project:

Genius Project Planning Journal

Genius Project Weekly and Daily Tracking

I found great articles while researching Genius Projects, and I wanted to share my favorites with you:

Examples of Genius Projects

Tips and Tricks to Keep Kids on Track During Genius Hour Projects

The Launch Process

How Does 20% Time Work in Education

How Does Genius Hour Work in Education

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Claim your own copy of our eBook “5 Simple Skills to Maximize Teen Productivity”.  You can share these valuable ideas with your teen, and help guide them through simple steps to become a master planner!

This book will help you guide your teen to develop new habits that will make it easy to:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Prioritize efficiently
  3. Master “single-tasking”
  4. Take breaks to improve efficiency
  5. Practice self-reflection


Download this guide NOW to prepare your teens to set SMART goals and get more done!


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