Do you ever feel like in this fast-paced competitive world, so much more is required from our kids, creating more stress and anxiety for our kids just to stay competitive? Whether they are trying to get into the college of their choice, play varsity sports, finish an amazing science project, or get cast as the lead of your school play…  teens have so much to juggle, they need any advantage they can get their hands on to stay on top of it all.  And yet, SMART goal setting is not really taught or discussed much for teens and pre-teens.

Our story with SMART goalsTackling SMART Goals at Home

I’ve witnessed it firsthand.  Our middle school children have a challenging school workload, plus robotics, broadcasting, tennis and dance. We had to find a way to make it all happen during the school year.  We were also looking for ways to make great progress in improving their knowledge and skills during the summer breaks, to make sure we balanced some fun times and rest with using the time wisely to get to a higher level of achievement.


Why SMART Goal setting?

I realized that to help my kids, I could put my 20+ years of project management experience to work.  I’ve been using the SMART goals system for years, in everything from performance self-evaluations to planning technology projects.  We sat down together to go over the best way to implement the SMART goals methodology, in a simple way that captured the most essential parts that help keep them on track and organized, while not getting overwhelmed.  So we came up with some paper worksheets to try them out, and tried to keep it as simple as possible to guide their activities day by day.  One simple drawback that we found was having access to these worksheets whether at school, sports practice, or home.

And so the idea of the Teen SMART Goals app was born!

With a combination of life experience with my technology background, and our kids’ input to make it work for them – for what they needed, we have turned the basic SMART goals methodology into a fun, easy to use tool so that all teens can achieve their dreams!

With our Teen SMART Goals app, your teen will reach goals with less stress, in a quicker timeframe, to stay competitive in the complex world we live in.

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Take the guesswork out of achieving goals and increasing self confidence by developing a growth mindset!

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