Follow a plan while on-the-go, easily monitoring progress, finding what’s missing and adjusting quickly to get back on track.

Achieve Goals Faster

Teen Activities for goal


Track your Daily Activities

Once the goals are set up, Teen SMART Goals will create the daily plan so it’s easy for your teen to follow it!

Every day, your teen will receive notifications to the activities they have set up for that day.  When they complete each activity and check it off from the list, the app will update their progress!




Teen Goals Parent Portal

Parents Can Help Teens Stay On Track

The parent’s account has a My Family dashboard that shows progress for each goal created by a teen in your family.  This way you can quickly see if everything is on track, or if your teen needs help and support in getting caught up.

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Claim your own copy of our eBook “5 Simple Skills to Maximize Teen Productivity”.  You can share these valuable ideas with your teen, and help guide them through simple steps to become a master planner!

This book will help you guide your teen to develop new habits that will make it easy to:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Prioritize efficiently
  3. Master “single-tasking”
  4. Take breaks to improve efficiency
  5. Practice self-reflection


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