Follow the success of the SMART methodology, so you can focus on what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Simplify Your Goals and Achieve More

In today’s fast-paced world, students are looking for a way to balance all of the demands and challenges from school, sports, and other activities. Some may feel like they’re putting in a big effort with little results… Some have big ambitions and maybe they don’t know how to get started on the right path, and end up wasting time spinning their wheels.  Others have precious little time to put into improving their knowledge, skills, or achievements, and they know they have to be incredibly efficient to see any progress.

We’re trying to simplify what they need to do in order to help teens accomplish these goals and overachieve, and that is why we want to bring the SMART goals methodology to teens and their parents, teachers and coaches through the Teen SMART Goals app.

Why is goal setting for teens so important?

We’ve all set goals for different things in our lives… probably with different levels of success.  Maybe we achieve some goals, but not others. And we probably don’t know exactly why we succeeded sometimes and not others. Most people are never taught to set SMART goals. It is definitely not something taught in schools, or even at work.  But we’re all expected to set and achieve goals as we study to get an A in a test, work and finish a science project, train to try out for a sports team, or audition for a role in the school play.

The easiest way to make a goal achievable is to define it clearly, make it easy to understand, and to define it with enough information so you know exactly when it’s been completed.  Using SMART goals will:

  • give you clarity about what you want to accomplish
  • make you think about why you’re trying to achieve each goal
  • make you define the activities you need to complete
  • keep you motivated by focusing on the end result
  • make you work toward a specific deadline

How do you know if your goal is SMART?

I’ll share with you an example of a goal that I helped my son work through, which will seem pretty similar to what many middle school and high school students who play competitive sports experience.

“Regular” Goal SMART Goal
I want to be a better tennis player I want to win a Level 6 Junior tennis tournament by September 1, 2018 because I want to keep improving at a pace that will get me a spot in the high school varsity tennis team.

A SMART goal can answer all these questions:

  • Specific:  What is it that I want to accomplish?
  • Measurable: How do I know I reached my goal?
  • Achievable: Is my goal realistic?
  • Relevant: Why is it important to me?
  • Time-bound: What is my deadline?

For some more ideas on how to help your teens define and achieve their goals, go to our Resources page.

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