Activities for Teens during the Coronavirus Quarantine

Teen Activities Coronavirus Quarantine

Like in most school systems around the U.S., we are looking at a minimum of four weeks of school cancellations. That has left parents all around looking for activities for teens during the coronavirus quarantine, to hopefully make the best of it.  In our own house, we’re trying to turn this from a time of stress and anxiety into one of positive results.
Beyond the conversations, knowing that this has become a very extended break with lots of restrictions on free time, we’re facing different challenges with our teens. While teens may be more self sufficient than if we had younger kids at home, they also see days disappear behind Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. It’s an interesting balance between using the time wisely so they’re not rusty when it’s time to go back to school, and not putting them on a work schedule like an adult.

Not another school group project! 10 tips to make it better

Not another school group project! 10 tips to make it better

Does your teen come home complaining about yet another school group project? Most likely they’re worried that they’ll end up doing all the work, or it’s going to be chaos, or they’ll end up with a bad grade because someone didn’t contribute.

School group projects are meant to teach our kids how to work together with many other personalities and skill levels. This is a very useful skill to have for high school and college, and it prepares them for “the real world”. But year after year, school group projects end up being a huge cause of stress and worry for some kids.


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