Teens + Grit = Success!

grit parent coach

Have you been hearing a lot about grit and perseverance but don’t know how to help your teen develop grit? Grit and growth mindset have been the key buzzwords from schools and educators in the last few years. But, for those of us not in the school system, we may be left with lots of questions.
Does my teen have grit?
How do I know if my teen has grit?
If my child doesn’t have grit, can it be developed?
If my child needs help developing grit, how can I help?


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This book will help you guide your teen to develop new habits that will make it easy to:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Prioritize efficiently
  3. Master “single-tasking”
  4. Take breaks to improve efficiency
  5. Practice self-reflection


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